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Kiss Me, Kill Me.

Kiss Me, Kill Me

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The second in the blood kissed series but easily read as a standalone, but be warned, you will then dive into book one straight after.


I loved Kiss Me, Bite Me (book one) and looked forward to this release like no other release. Fast paced? Definitely. Gripping? Oh yes. I was not disappointed. The enjoyment, for me, apart from the gripping tale being told, comes mainly from Sayara St. Clair’s writing style.


The protagonist, Kayana, or Ana for short, talks in first person throughout the novel. She has a bubbly personality, is always joking or seeing the funny side of life, and we wonder why as she travels from one scenario that sees her near death, to the next. Lucky, I suppose, that her steamy relationship with Greg sees her through.


I said it with the first novel and will say it again, the protagonist is female, I am male, but can totally relate to Kayan’s personality and story throughout – to the point where at one stage I was thoroughly exhausted and had to put the book down for a rest.


After waiting so long for this follow-up, and having finished it, I have a feeling there may be a third novel in the Blood Kissed Series. I certainly hope so.


Kiss Me, Kill Me.