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Kiss Me, Bite Me.

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Kiss Me, Bite Me

A roller coaster of emotion for all readers.

Downloaded a sample onto my Kindle for iPad and after reading the prologue, tweeted the author to say it was one of the best openings to a novel that I'd ever read. Without bothering with the rest of the sample I downloaded the whole thing and started writing this review after chapter one, because there were genuine belly laughs at hearing the inner thoughts of the protagonist Kayana.
St. Claire is obviously a skilled word-smith and can take the reader through laughter, fear and horror so that you don’t know what’s coming next. I loved the way that you get to know and love the main couple before things kick off - it made me feel as though I had more sympathy for them, could empathise with their feelings and long for a conclusion.

They have frustrations that you live and breathe with them and women readers will empathise with most of Kayana's needs and thoughts while men readers will relate to Greg and also love the insight into the female brain.

I enjoyed ‘the chase’ and build up (screaming at them through my Kindle) and when the chase was over, the finishing-line was well worth the wait.
Just when you think you can relax though, another thing kicks off (Nooo screamed at Kindle) and you wonder how it could possibly end. ‘Page turner’ and ‘edge of the seat’ are terms used too often to describe novels but, in this case, well deserved thanks to St. Claire’s art of gripping you and not letting you go.

For the first time in my reading history, I contacted the author, not to request the completion of book two, but to demand it (she promises to hurry and will let me know when it’s out.)

Kiss Me, Bite Me - Important update to the above. Book two came out in the form of Kiss Me, Kill Me and the review ca be read on this site.

Kiss Me, Bite Me.