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The Scarring Of The Roshanra by Kara SB Brown.

I love novels that delve into minds, especially female minds, more especially troubled female minds. As an untroubled male I am here to learn. Having read that the author is a PTSD sufferer, this influences me for the first few pages of the book but after that I am into the head of the main character, Kala.

Kala is attacked, troubled and I'm into her mind from page one. Perfect. When I say 'into her mind' I mean the author is so skilled that I'm feeling Kala's emotions, her fears and her feeling of hopelessness. I’m thinking, if a male like me can relate then a female mind could be even more absorbed.


Okay, I've read the back cover and know there's fantasy and other realms involved but in Ch 1, I'm thinking PTSD, troubled mind, real realms or all in the mind? I can't wait to find out.


Kala’s boyfriend and her father both have roles and both have point-of-view chapters but Kala holds my interest, fascinates me and holds my interest from chapter one until the end of the novel. With twists and turns in every chapter and Kala finding out some of her powers as we do, it is her I relate to throughout.


Wondering, throughout this wonderfully written novel, what genre it should be placed in, I realise that my original feelings of a chapter one police procedural, morphed into magical fantasy but also held a deep section of psychological drama. I guess the author would be skilled in writing in any of those genres and holding my attention in them all.


Magical fantasy is a new genre for me and I guess that those writing in this genre deal in minute detail to build the fantasy world in a way that makes the reader believe you are there and the world exists. Brown certainly achieves this with an extraordinary level of detail and writing skill and had me absorbed throughout.



A brilliant read, one that I enjoyed sharing with Kala.

The scarring Of The Roshanra.