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Waiting For Kitto - a review by Stephanie A Collins on

Waiting For Kitto

Top Customer Reviewer Stephanie A Collins (author of the multi award winning true life drama "With Angel's Wings")  wrote on -

This book is all about the "bonus features".

I settled in for some suspense and was rewarded with an exciting, intriguing adventure, as our main character, Rebecca, hopscotched her way around Great Britain and Europe fighting crime and corruption with precision and ease, complete with code names and chase scenes.

I was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to stop and smell the roses along the way, enjoying breath-taking imagery, thoughtful exploration of cultural norms, and even the occasional well-worded poem. I also enjoyed not one, but two steamy romances, of both the whirlwind and the "finally-came-to-your-senses" variety, complete with passionate embraces and touching declarations.

There were even a few life lessons to ponder well after the last page was read.

My favorite aspect of the story, though, was the humor. For instance, I loved the quirky tangents Bec's mind drifted off on, whether she was facing a serial killer and remembering the bird she had failed to identify earlier was a blue tit or she was having sex and cursing the fact that she had never done the sit-ups she had read about in magazines that would have strengthened her core.

The humor, coupled with thorough character development, allowed for believably flawed, likable, 3-dimensional characters that were easy to cheer for.

Bravo and thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable read!

Waiting For Kitto - a review.