Stephenson Holt Author

I was hooked on this novella from chapter one, loading it on kindle plus app on phone and iPad I found myself catching a small chapter here and one there. Coffee breaks and lunch, I read the whole novella in twenty-four hours.


Chapter two caught me off guard slightly because chapter one saw the female protagonist, Brooke, in the position of driving across country to save her bestie from making a life-changing mistake, accompanied in her car by her bestie’s ex the good looking but obnoxious Tyler. Chapter two turned out to be Tyler's view and, as soon as I realised that they would share chapters and have different viewpoints I was drawn into their stories.

Stopping to wonder why the story drew me in so closely I tried to analyse and came up with the theory that the first person, present telling of the story is so beautifully crafted by the author that you feel as if you are sat in a comfortable chair with each protagonist telling you their personal story, one at a time.


Why a novella and not a full blown novel? After all, there are twenty-three chapters. Well, in my humble opinion, chapters are short and punchy, no filler, no waffle and Betty Blades is obviously an experienced author who can tell a story with every word, every sentence, moving the story on.


My guess is that Ms. Blades has issued the novella to get readers to understand what a good story teller she is and the reader will then go on to purchase more of her books. Well, it worked for me.