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A roller coaster ride of emotions, difficult to summarise without spoilers.
Jane is relatable to all of us as the good little housewife that serves her hard-working husband. Until something happens to change all that.
The path she takes is exciting, new, and dangerous, but when it ends abruptly, she turns to a friend that she hardly knows.

Having lost her husband and her life-long girlfriend, can Jane find happiness and a happy ending to this novel?

Another gritty and explicit offering from author Kinahan, and probably her best so far.

A Steamy and very explicit five book series, tracing Cathy's life through her early working days as an accontant, her escape from a bad marriage, her search for love from a married man, her years in therapy and eventually finding herself. I read the novels in completely the wrong order, so each stands as a standalone novel, but starting with book one and working through to book fve would make perfect sense.

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Book one of a five book series that I have read in the wrong order, but I'll come to that later.

Cathy is in a bad marriage that is going further and further downhill, and she is being taken for a mug. As with a lot of bad marriages, the woman puts up with it until someone more understanding happens along.
Dan is that something and takes Cathy's emotions and bodily needs by storm, and so they enter a long relationship.
The question for Cathy, and for the reader, is whether this relationship is forever, or whether there is a a lack of commitment. That question, for Cathy, leads to some serious questioning.
A well written love story, with psychological overtones, and a deep and meaningful story. The author is skilled in putting emotions into words and obviously has a good editor to help the story flow.

So, how come the wrong order? I was recommended, by a friend, to read My Zestful Years, and enjoyed so much, what I thought was book one, I then read what I presumed was books two and three. In the style of a famous science fiction film franchise, I then found out that the trilogy I'd enjoyed were books three to five. Finding out I could find out about Cathy's early life, that was talked about in the trilogy, made me buy and enjoy this one, so now onto book two, to complete the five book thriller.

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In this novel, Wandering Towards Normal, book two of the five book series, Cathy hits rock bottom. Her life decisions become worse, her drinking and promiscuousness increase, and detailed accounts of her life become more and more bazar.

I know that this is rock bottom because I have read books three to five already (yes, in completely the wrong order) but think this novel is necessary to be able to appreciate her onward journey.

Brilliantly written, as are the others in this series, and I have enjoyed being part of Cathy's life, its ups and its downs.

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How refreshing to find a romantic novel where the protagonist is not a youngster working out her emotions for the first time. Cathy has retired, is in her early sixties, and retires to a community of age-like people.
She expects nothing but experiences everything.
What kept me going was the fact that all the characters are so well drawn, have rounded characters, and they develop through the novel.
I wasn't sure whether a follow up novel would work, but tried it and wasn't disappointed.

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When I read the road trip that was My Zestful Years, I didn't think there could be a sequel. How wrong I was. Life back at The Acres is full for Cathy and Lando, as their initial young-love blossoms into maturity. All is not sweetness and light though as the characters develop and trouble heads their way.

If you thought that Cathy, in book one, was hot, and like me you expected things to calm down by book five, wait until you get to this hot novel, Fervid Frenzy.
Cathy has taken stock of her past, decided it was a good past, mostly, and decides to enjoy her future.

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