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What Katie Didn't Know.

Book 1 of 6

What Katie Didn't Know (Katie's Journey. Book 1) (English Edition)

Review by Tony Walker (Amazon Italy)

Passion and Peril: A Dark Romantic Journey in 'What Katie Didn't Know' (Katie's Journey, Book 1)

August 7, 2023

Dive into a world where love, lust, and mystery intertwine in "What Katie Didn't Know," the first book in the enticing "Katie's Journey" series. This adult dark romance novel, filled with twists, steamy scenes, and unexpected kidnappings, is sure to capture the curiosity of readers looking for a thrilling escape.

Meet Katie Anderson, a woman of contradictions. At home, she's embraced by her husband's jealousy and control, signs of his deep love. At work, she's Detective Inspector Anderson, charged with unraveling a chilling murder case connected to a failed government experiment. As the investigation unfolds, Katie finds herself entangled in a world where rogue creatures and enigmatic characters challenge her understanding of love and reality.

The story leads us on a mesmerizing journey where Katie's personal and professional lives collide. Assigned a partner known for his prowess with women, Katie embarks on a path of self-discovery, facing questions about trust, desire, and the nature of love itself. Her husband, her lover, the strange community she encounters, all lead her to question everything she thought she knew.

Author's expert storytelling skillfully blends romance with intrigue, crafting a tale that's as alluring as it is thrilling. The novel's explicit scenes are tastefully woven into the narrative, enhancing the emotional intensity without overshadowing the intrigue.

"Why is London involved? Who are the enigmatic figures she meets? Can Katie trust the men in her life?" These are questions that will keep readers gripped as they navigate through lies, despair, and passion. The answers will surprise and may even provoke reflection on love's complex nature.

"What Katie Didn't Know" is more than a romance; it's a journey into the dark corners of desire and the mysterious realms of human nature. Whether you're a fan of steamy romance or love stories laced with suspense, this book offers a captivating read that will linger long after the last page is turned. Enter Katie's world and experience a tale that's daring, provocative, and utterly enthralling. Order your copy today and embark on a journey you won't soon forget. 

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What Katie Did In Italy.

Book 2 of 6

What Katie Did In Italy. (Katie's Journey.)

Review by DFW Amazon USA

Looking forward to more!

January 19, 2023

This is the second book in the series I’ve read, and it’s pulled me in from the beginning. Katie’s story took so many twists and turns that I found myself sitting on the edge of my recliner. The events were completely unexpected. Katie and Dan are interesting people with interesting lives, to say the least. The plot is well thought out and well written. I'm a huge fan of Stephenson Holt and have read all of his books. This one will definitely not be my last!

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Katie Went To The Regency Ball.

Book 3 of 6

Katie Went To The Regency Ball. (Katie's Journey. Book 3)

Review by "Amazon Customer" Amazon UK.

Gripping Read

November 9, 2022

Katie Went To The Regency Ball. (Katie's Journey. Book 3) by Stephenson Holt is a surprisingly good read that's well written and evocative in its style becouse it creates strong images and is intense.

Three married women boast about having affairs, unaware that their conversations are being recorded. But by who and for what reason? Buy the book to find out. I did and I read it into the early hours without a break. Worth 5 stars.
- Eli

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(12 reviews)

Katie In The Dark Ages.

Book 4 of 6

Katie In The Dark Ages.: A Time-Slip Romance. (Katie's Journey.)

Review by Debbie Civil on Amazon USA

What an adventure!

July 26, 2023

I loved this book. I’ve said this before but I do believe that Bethany is the real MVP. Katie and Bethany accidentally time travel to the middle ages. There is definitely a trigger warning here. This author did a masterful job at showing what it was really like for women in the middle ages. While Katie is determined to accept her new life there, Bethany believes they can get home. At times I was disappointed in Katie. By the end of the book she does make the best decision. I think that Marco is my favorite love interest! This author does a wonderful job at creating three dimensional characters. They jump off the page, have flaws, and are likable. I’d recommend this book to anyone that enjoys time travel, romance, and humor.

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(11 reviews)

Katie Mingles With MI5.

Book 5 of 6

Katie Mingles With MI5 (Katie's Journey.)

Review by Onia Fox on Amazon UK

Fun, irreverence, and shenanigans.

April 22, 2023

Kate Mingles with MI5 by Stephenson Holt is an absolute blast, possibly my favourite of the three I have read so far (in a five book series).
Despite moving up the social scale by marrying Marco and assuming the position of lady of the manor (although not always ladylike in her manners) Katie keeps her hobby detective agency intact and her old friends close.
But things get gloriously complicated when the, equally glamorous, Sue-Ellen invites the agency to investigate her husbands strange nighttime ramblings - and then why they stopped … so abruptly.
We have Stephenson Holt’s usual standards of fun, irreverence, and shenanigans. Now I must backtrack the series and fill in the gaps. Highly recommended.

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Katie In Egypt With MI6.

Book 6 of 6

Katie In Egypt With MI6 (Katie's Journey.)

A review by Tennis Freak on Amazon USA

The best Katie book yet!

June 20, 2023

Fresh out of British Intelligence Service’s swallow training, Katie is now officially certified to seduce and sexually manipulate others for the good of Great Britain. Her initial assignment seems rather bland at first: obtain information on a Middle Eastern businessman attending a trade show. Instead, she stumbles across a plot to overthrow the Egyptian government. Is she way over her head in this predicament, or can she stop this catastrophe? Read this book to find out, and you’ll definitely not be disappointed! 

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Alien Affair.


Book 1 of 3

Alien Affair (The Crantis Marcian trilogy, Book 1)

A review by Ava H. on Amazon Germany.


April 9, 2022

Verified Purchase

Total crazy und andere als das was man sonst kennt aus diesem Genre. Interessant fand ich die Gespräche mit dem Computer und dessen Antworten. Cool. Und lesenswert.

A review by Billie jade Kermack on Amazon UK.

Fantastic read

May 6, 2022

The unique writing style this author has is fantastic and gripping from the first page. I’ve never been one for alien based novels but I’m so glad I took a chance on this one. The character development was excellent and I love the relationship between Jodee and Steve. I need the second instalment and fast. I’ve read some of this authors other books and have never been disappointed - easy 5 stars. 

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Barnes & Noble Paperback

Alien Abduction.

Book 2 of 3

A review by "Kindle Reader" on Amazon UK.

Very cleverly written! Gripping read

May 14, 2022

Verified Purchase

This is the second book I have read by the author and I enjoyed it as much as the first (if not more)!
It’s not easy to write sci-fi and introduce other genres into the story. It has action, romance, suspense, and dark comedy, and is written in the first person creating tension that pulls the reader in.
Will the earth be saved from an alien invasion?

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(8 reviews)

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Alien Assimilation.

Book 3 of 3

A review by Shahid Husain on Amazon India.

An awesome book!

May 27, 2022

This book is a continuation of Alien affair and continues with four characters. They all go to a holiday planet, 125 years further in time. The part I loved is where Tilly finds love in the arms of her husband's friend and then how the problem begins, although finally it's a happy ending. My personal analyses is that - why is there the need for couples to have genuine intimacy and love. The reason why everything starts falling out of place as there is a lack of love.

I also loved the way the author has portrayed about time travel, doppelgangers, and war.

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Waiting For Kitto.

Book 1 of 3

The serial rapist and killer is in custody, thanks to Rebecca. Her bosses at the police department that doesn’t officially exist, send her on a holiday to Greece, to relieve her stress. This is when the chase through Europe really starts.


“This book is all about the ‘bonus features.’ I settled in for some suspense and was rewarded with an exciting, intriguing adventure, as our main character, Rebecca, hopscotched her way around Great Britain, and Europe, fighting crime and corruption with precision and ease, complete with code names and chase scenes.”


Rebecca’s efforts, along with the efforts of her long-term Greek friend Paraskevi, see them both chasing the bad guys and while Paraskevi finds love, Rebecca wonders if it may be time to settle down with a friend back home that she’s always been fond of, and who makes it obvious that he fancies her.


“I also enjoyed not one, but two steamy romances, of both the whirlwind and the finally-came-to-your-senses variety, complete with passionate embraces and touching declarations. There were even a few life lessons to ponder, well after the last page was read.”


Amongst the action and the need to find love there is an element of humour to lighten the novel and make it an easy read.


“The humour, coupled with thorough character development, allowed for believably flawed, likable, 3-dimensional characters that were easy to cheer for. Bravo and thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable read!”

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(6 Reviews)

Please note that Waiting For Kitto is in 2nd Edition

andall reviews of the 1st edition have been wiped by Amazon.

Kitto's Angels.

Book 2 of 3.

A review by Kindle Customer Paula on Amazon UK

Gritty reality

July 11, 2021

The second book in The Three Girls trilogy, this continues the story of Rebecca and Kitto from the first book, Waiting for Kitto. Life has moved on for them and they are now living at Rebecca’s house and vineyard in France, trying for a baby and eventually becoming involved with Amy, divorced and down on her luck until a solution to her increasing financial problems is suggested to her. Her personal story arc fits in with that of Rebecca’s former life, although Amy has no way of knowing this at the outset.

It’s a story which shows the value of supportive friends working together and helping each other out, and for that I liked it. Where it gave me a problem is that it touches on subject matter which I have used in one of my own books, that of the perils of getting involved in the sex trade, even at the level of an escort who doesn’t have to do anything else at the end of the evening out unless they want to; in which case it’s a matter for the escort and client and nothing to do with the agency.

Whereas I tried to keep the goings-on in my book ‘sanitised’, shall we say, the author here goes for gritty reality and shows the workings of a very nasty sex-trafficking organisation, and these are not for the squeamish; of which I am one. Personal taste aside, though, I need to be fair; it was extremely brave to bring these issues to the fore, and for that bravery I am going to award the maximum star rating.

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(5 Reviews)

Behind Greek Doors.

Book 3 of 3

A review by Mary S on Amazon UK

This is the perfect 🌶 spicy holiday read!!!

October 27, 2021

| Verified Purchase

You can only imagine what happens behind those doors, but a romp describes it perfectly!! As you begin reading u can’t help but get engrossed and entangled in their drama filled lives. When Para gets given a particular book, she strives to seek her own independence. I loved that part as well as all the extra spice, it certainly kept the pages turning. I could not put this book down with all the trials and tribulations. The writer cleverly manages to keep your attention with his descriptive writing. I was dragged into the book and mingling with the characters. Pour yourself a large glass of wine and once you start the first page you will be hooked. An escapism from your normal life. Highly recommended 🥂🥂. 

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(4 Reviews)

Greek Island Vampires.

Book 1 of 3. 

The bedroom act has to be consensual; the extension act and the bite has to come from three different vampires – male/female. If these conditions are met, teeth will grow.   

A review by jdgriffith78 on Amazon USA

5.0 out of 5 stars Vampires don't exist! The government said so.....

Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2021

Verified Purchase

I thoroughly enjoyed this one! The government is doing what it can to squash the notion that vampires exist and it's safe for tourists to enjoy the night life and drinking. You know what that means? Business is booming! The story revolves around Maria, a young girl looking to get off the only island she's ever known, and Jeffrey a vampire, and you get to learn more about each of them since chapters are split up effectively, so that you can see things from their point of view! There's plenty of hot steamy scenes as well as some great banter between characters that keeps the story flowing, as well as a few surprises that you won't see coming. I highly recommend this one!

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(14 Reviews)

Greek Mainland Vampires.

Book 2 of 3

Maria now lives with Jenny, her boss who heads up the Vampire Programme. Women are going missing in Greece, but what is the connection with Italy? 

A review by DFW on Amazon USA

5.0 out of 5 stars Holt kicks it up a notch

Reviewed in the United States on 19 May 2022

Verified Purchase

Book 2 in the Greek Vampire Series got kicked up a notch. The story between Maria and Jenny continues. The setting switches between Greece and Italy. Don't want to spoil...looking forward to book 3.

Amazon Kindle (Free on KU) or paperback, 10% free to read (no obligation) 

4 Reviews. 

Greek Cypriot Vampires.

Book 3 of 3

Jenny’s team, including her lover Maria, are sent to Cyprus to pass on their learnings in Vampire Control. They do not expect to get wrapped up with gangsters. 

A review by DFW on Amazon USA

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!

Reviewed in the United States on 3 June 2022

Verified Purchase

The third book is just WOW! Through the first two books we have seen Maria progress as a vampire and in book three we get better insight into her lover, Jenny. The love scenes are still hot and steamy with added bonuses between the two lovers. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here!

Amazon Kindle (Free on KU) or paperback, 10% free to read (no obligation) 

3 Reviews. 

Love Me In Luxor.

Book 1 of 2.

Rose has always fancied the handsome but unkempt Rag, since the teenage, skinny-dipping days of the sixties. She knows that with them both suddenly single, it is up to her to gain the confidence to knit them both together. It should be easy for a liberated woman in the nineteen-seventies. Love has to eventually win.

Daphne is in finishing school while her father, a Pharmacist is stationed abroad during the First World War. Her only aim in life is to meet a wealthy man and to move upwards, socially. Being wooed by Bertie and swept off her feet sees them both move socially upwards, higher than either of them expected. Love has to eventually win.

In Egypt, on a Nile Cruise, an accidental time slip brings the couples together, but with what consequences for the future of what later becomes the Roaring Twenties? Can Rag and Rose return home or are they destined to live out the Twenties?

Life after the First World War brought in the Roaring Twenties. Life after the Second World War, eventually brought in the Swinging Sixties. Both eras were supposed to liberate women and equalise the genders, but the disappointing similarities between the eras is still starkly evident.

Amazon Kindle or paperback, FREE on KU.

5 Reviews.

Daphne's Egyptian Honeymoon.

Book 2 of 2.

Daphne’s world just isn’t fair. Determined to marry above her station and progress herself she is dismayed that World War One is determined to remove every eligible bachelor from her grasp, and to slaughter them on the fields of Belgium and France.

Meeting handsome Bertie on the top deck of an omnibus sees the start of her adventure. Inheriting as others are lost to the war and the Spanish Flu that followed, she finds herself on DAPHNE’S EGYPTIAN HONEYMOON where she is convinced that the forward-thinking Rose is either from another planet, or from the future.

The novel explores the naivety of young women, post the first world war and before the revolution that saw flappers during the twenties. It therefore explores adult themes and some of a sexual nature and is therefore restricted to readers over eighteen.

Although this is a stand-alone novel, readers of LOVE ME IN LUXOR contacted the author at to say that Daphne, a minor character, was far too interesting to leave and should be brought out in her own novel.  

Amazon Kindle or paperback, FREE on KU.

5 Reviews.

A Boy For Two Witch Girls.

Book 1 of 5. 

Daniel is a normal boy, approaching eighteen, unknowingly good looking to some, living a normal life, losing himself in novels. He dreams, in a way that all boys do, not realising he is a Cambion. For those in the dark, a Cambion is a half-Incubus and we all know how dangerous that can be to the subject of the dream.


Janice, living a few doors down from Daniel, knows she isn’t normal. Okay, it seems quite normal for her to be a red-headed witch, daughter of a powerful witch, but her ambition to be head witch, the first female head witch, had been with her since she was a toddler and is not normal, not even for a witch. Her distraction to her quest however, is staring out of her bedroom window, watching Daniel working-out in his back garden with no fear of vampire attack.


Their mothers plot to bring Janice and Daniel together. They know their children need each other to fulfil Janice’s real role in life, they know their children will, one day, marry and that their children will rule the planet. Most of all, the mothers know that these shy teenagers love each other, fear rejection and need a kick-start to send them on their quest.


But are we getting ahead of ourselves?


“I related to Janice and her quest, obviously, but in chapter fourteen I was Daniel and felt his every emotion.”


“Not the usual witches versus vampire story. The emotions shared by Daniel and Janice got to me, and I felt for both of them.” 

Amazon Kindle or paperback, free on Kindle Unlimited. 

12 Reviews.

Arranged Marriage.

Book 2 of 5.

Monique sees herself as always being in second place to her cousin Skye. Neither feels comfortable hiding witch powers in a human world. Both seek love and affection but can see no way to attain it.


Then Silas, a witch and vampire cross, turns up at their door and explains to them that their destiny is to bring together the witch world with a vampire world that lies behind a gateway. Skye will be the main force with Monique advising and, once again, believing herself inferior.


Marriage to two princes sounds exciting to the girls but they have no idea that the princes are not alike in temperament. Arranged marriage, it seems, suits some young women but not others and a lot will depend on the man chosen.


Will Skye fulfil her dreams? Will Monique finally outdo her cousin in any aspect of her life? And will the rumours that Monique has read about, regarding a vampire’s destiny of fulfilling his bride’s passions, turn out to be true?



A stand-alone novel of love, hate, forced marriage and marriage jumped into. Skye is the daughter of Janice from “A Boy For Two Witch Girls” and Monique is the daughter of Shelagh from the same novel. Read this novel then delve into the history of how two witch families ended up living in the same remote cottage. 

Amazon Kindle or paperback, free on Kindle Unlimited. 

4 Reviews.

The High Heel Revenge Pack.

Book 3 of 5.

Strong women form a pack to revenge themselves against the male evil inflicted on two of them. Any weaknesses within the pack are negated by the Pack coming together as a whole.

These are the members of the
High Heel Revenge Pack. But which one do you relate to?

Donna Madison met her husband Colin in school and has been cruelly ruled by him ever since. Beaten if she complains about him staying out, abused mentally every day, she dreams of him dying and her being set free. Can she achieve that dream?

Greta Larson is a Scottish junior detective, bored and locked within the mistake of a marriage to husband Josh and wanting her affair with her partner Stephen to go further. Can she win or will it all go wrong?

Skye Morris, formerly Morreau is affluent, thanks to her second husband Peter, not that he knows about her first, arranged marriage to Trank the vampire prince, who turned her. Nor does Peter know that his wife is a witch, succubus and satis but it seems to work for them as she enjoys being human and comfortable.

Judith Houseman owns six engineering companies, each headed by a male. She is CEO of the parent company and each of her minions knows that she could fire them at will, if she chose to. Luckily, husband George thrives on her power mad character, him being a true submissive by nature.

Monique Morreau is second cousin to Skye and grew up in the same house, having the same biological father. Also witch, succubus, satis and vampire she is Empress Vampire of the realms within Europe, along with husband Emperor Tristan, Skye’s brother-in-law.

Kath Davenport is a bored housewife who spends the summer days behind her curtains, spying on her next-door, gardening neighbour, the muscular Larry. Her husband Michael has no idea and tries, every night, for a third child, while Kath has Larry in her head. Will Larry stay as a fantasy?

Pamela Busfield is a single twenty-something and has an office job but takes on extra work. Serving at Skye’s cocktail parties is lucrative because her mini-skirted legs have brought back Peter's clients for more talks about contracts, providing a cash bonus for Pamela. Subject of a date rape drug, how will she seek revenge.

Seven women, either strong or attempting to be stronger. Together they gain strength as
The High Heel Revenge Pack.

Obviously, the themes looked at in this novel are of an adult nature and contain sexual themes so readership is limited to those over eighteen. 

Amazon Kindle or paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

7 Reviews.


Book 4 of 5.

Skye is happy, pretending to be totally human, but her canine removal frustrates her need to bite after sex.
That frustration holds, until the goddess Satis informs her that she will bear a special daughter to be, like her, vampire, witch and succubus.

The father of this special child could not possibly be Skye's pathetic, but rich, hubby Peter, so will it be Kath's Michael or Pamela's Tim and how can those ‘friends’ be sidelined while Skye finds out.

A story of frustrations and satisfactions, vampire turnings, kidnappings carried out by those that hate Lilith - the first wife of Adam, Judith the CEO being suspected, and a trip abroad on a rescue mission, but above all - Skye's satisfaction by being the small but powerful faction within the cult of Satis.

Satis-faction, the story of fantasy creatures inhabiting a human world. 

Amazon Kindle or paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

6 Reviews.

Skiritus Uluru.

Book 5 of 5.

Skiritus is quite happy to be in a female dominated world with her male slaves, until she’s knocked out and transported to what used to be called Australia.

She soon finds out the continent has been taken over by zealots, intent on returning the world to be male dominated with female slaves.

Being the daughter of the vampire Siritus, out of Skye who is witch, vampire, succubus and Satis, she is not one to accept the new order thrust upon her. Can she though save a whole continent?

A fantasy novel for the over eighteen age group, standalone but also book five in the series - Witches, Vampires, Satis and Succubus. 

Amazon Kindle or paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

5 Reviews.

Evolution In Sand.

A review from a reader on Goodreads;-

Mary-Lisa Russo

Author7 books82 followers

February 5, 2024

My goodness... this was a fantastic read!

'Evolution In Sand- Poems And Prose For Travelling Minds,' written by Stephenson Holt is a riveting collection of poems that jolted my imagination. The writer injects detail into his thought-provoking words that ultimately create a scene within the reader's mind that ensures they are vested in reading poem after poem.

Each poem is unique, and I found them all thoroughly entertaining although the ones that really stayed with me are 'Marshfield,' 'Three Generations of Me,' and 'Evolution In Sand (Reprise).'

So beautifully written, and sprinkled with a certain, intangible wisdom that is hard to come by in many poetry books, it is prudent to note that it is no loss for you to take a chance on reading this delightful poetry book.

A treasure!

Amazon Kindle or paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

5 Reviews.

A thought-provoking masterpiece.

July 14, 2024

| Verified Purchase

This author never disappoints. I read this almost in one sitting. Gemma is a woman who tries to conquer the world alone. She’s hired to sell a house. While she’s in the master bedroom, she tries on a dress from the clients closet. What happened next is exciting, romantic, and thought-provoking. The male lead is going through loss. This book does touch on someone losing a spouse in case anyone has that for a trigger. I don’t want to include any more spoilers, don’t you worry the ending is satisfactory :-)

Amazon Kindle or paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

3 Reviews.