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Reviews of books read.

Cold Comfort Farm


Stella Gibbons

Extra Virgin


Annie Hawes

The Story Grid

Author Advice

Shawn Coyne

The Handmaid's Tale

Dystopian Novel

Margaret Atwood

My Pocket Tai Chi

Spiritual Guide

Adams Media

With Angel's Wings

Real Life Drama

Stephanie Collins

Love, Despair, and Other Heartaches.

A break from a bad marriage.

D. S. Kinahan Book 1

Wanderin Towards Normal.

Finding love and(not)  coping with losing it.

D.S. Kinahan Book 2

My Zestful Years

Love in your 60s

D. S. Kinahan. Book 3

The Last Two Thousand Miles.

Love in your 60s

D. S. Kinahan. Book 4

Fervid Frenzy.

Love in your 60s

D. S. Kinahan. Book 5

White Knuckle


Steve Bruce.


Underworls Drama

Martina Cole



Iain Banks

Stratocaster Guitar Book


Tony Bacon

Kiss Me, Bite Me

Vampire Romance 1

Sayara St. Clair

KIss Me, Kill Me

Vampire Romance 2

Sayara St. Clair

The Vesuvius Club

Light Hearted Spys

Mark Gatiss

Discovery Of Witches

Witches and Vampires

Deborah Harkness

The War Of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts

Fantastical Magic

Louis De Bernieres

The Wasp Factory

A First Novel

Iain Banks

Two Women

Underworld Drama

Martina Cole

The Girl Under The Olive Tree

Wartime Romance

Leah Fleming



Bernard MacLaverty

Narcissus And Goldmund


Hermann Hesse

Lincoln In The Bardo


George Saunders

Aberystwyth Mon Amour

Fantast Noir

Malcolm Pryce

The Sunrise

Wartime Romance

Victoria Hislop

Those Who Have Loved

Historical Romance

Victoria Hislop


Dystopia 1

Lauren Oliver


Dystopia 2

Lauren Oliver


Dystopia 2

Lauren Oliver

The  Delirium Trilogy

Boxset Trilogy

Lauren Oliver

Bright Young Things


Alison Maloney

Nineteen Twenty-One

Post WW1 Novel

Adam Thorpe

Free Play

Self Help

Stephen Nachmanovitch

Daughter  Of Smoke And Bone

Fantasy YA

Laini Taylor

A Shade Of Vampire.

Vampire YA

Bella Forest


Road Trip

Betty Blades

Into The Woods

Story Structure

John Yorke

Savage Beginnings

Mafia Bride

J. L. Beck & C. Hallman

Violent Beginnings

Woman Bought at Auction

J. L. Beck & C. Hallman

Decadent Deception

Psychic Romance

Dakota Skye


Time Slip Romance

Diana Gabaldon


Friend to Lover

Billie Jade Kermack

The Scarring Of The Roshanra

Magical Fantasy

Kara S. B. Brown

Duvet Days


Peter Hehir

The Power Of The Pearl.

Fantasy YA

William Edmunds

A series of books

D.S. Kinahan

A series of books

Billie Jace Kermack

Abandoned 2

Shifters and Vampires.

Julie Cannings.

Reviews of books read.