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Stella Gibbons


Annie Hawes

Author Advice

Shawn Coyne

Dystopian Novel

Margaret Atwood

Spiritual Guide

Adams Media

Real Life Drama Novel

Stephanie Collins

Novel Review by others

Stephenson Holt

Underworld Drama Novel

Martina Cole


Iain Banks


Tony Bacon

Vampire Romance Novel No. 1

Sayara St. Clair

Vampire Romance Novel No. 2

Sayara St. Clair

Light-hearted Spy Thriller

Mark Gatiss

Witches, Vampires and Daemons

Deborah Harkness

Fantastical magic novel

Louis De Bernieres

A First Novel

Iain Banks

Underworld Drama

Martina Cole


Dr. Paul Lam

Romantic war story novel.

Leah Fleming


Bernard MacLaverty


Hermann Hesse

Prize Winning Novel

George Saunders

Detective Noir Fantasy Novel

Malcolm Pryce

Historical Cypriot love story

Victoria Hislop

Historical Greek story

Victoria Hislop

Book one of a dystopian trilogy

Lauren Oliver

Book two of a dystopian trilogy

Lauren Oliver

Book three of a dystopian trilogy

Lauren Oliver

Box set of all three books

Lauren Oliver

A poetically written experience

Alix E. Harrow

Life in the roaring twenties

Alison Maloney

Post WW1 novel

Adam Thorpe

Improvisation Self-Help

Stephen Nachmanovitch

Fantasy Novel. Young Adult.

Laini Taylor

Vampire. Young Adult.

Bella Forrest

Road trip novella, boy meets girl.

Betty Blades

Five Act Story Structure

John Yorke

Dark Mafia, Arranged Marriage

J.L Beck and C. Hallman

Psychic, adventure love story.

Dakota Skye

Time Slip Historical Romance

Diana Gabaldon

Poetry linked to photos

Laura Lyndhurst

Poetry linked to word prompts

Laura Lyndhurst

Novel, Deathbed Confession

Laura Lyndhurst

Novel, Deathbed Confession

Laura Lyndhurst

Novel, Deathbed Confession

Laura Lyndhurst

Psychological Thriller (Authors)

Laura Lyndhurst

Magical Fantasy

Kara SB Brown


Peter Hehir

The Miracle Prince, Part 1. YA fantasy novel.

William Edmonds.

The Raven's Veil

The Miracle Prince, Part 2 and final. YA fantasy novel.

William Edmonds

The Escape

Gangster Thriller.

Matthew Slater

The Vine Cross

Book 1 of the Vine Series

S. P. Dawes

Reviews of books read.