Stephenson Holt Author

As you can see from the Amazon page, I have already purchased two of these systems. From the start, let me say that the manufacturers recommend these for indoor use only, but I use them in a greenhouse. They also state only water should be sent through them, and I add Tomorite tomato feed. So, I have invalidated any guarantees I may have had, but I'm thrilled with the results.

Click on the image above to go to Amazon to look at the official revues and to decide whether the unit is for you. My own use is outlined below and finishes with a video of the units in action.

One of these units arrived fully charged, the other with no charge. Once plugged in to the mains, to charge as you would a phone, you may be surprised to see a number between 0 and 10. Just add a nought and that is the percentage of charge. Therefore a figure 5 means a 50% charge. I've recharged mine twice in two months so not a huge problem.

The picture shows the "In" tube and filter dipping into a jug of water, mine dip into a huge bucket that I top up every three days or so. Wire wrapped around the tubes near  the filters helps keep the tubes down.

After a four day trip away from home, the bucket had gone down by around a third, and was easily topped up.

The "out' tube turned out to be more than I needed, lengthwise, to cover my 10ft x 6ft greenhose and feeds 10 outlets that are placed into grow-bags, so for the two units that's twenty outlets. My tubes are continuous, apart from the tee sections into the plant bases, and so I only used two stop-ends.

Someone on Amazon asked the question about stopping the water going green through algae, and I had no answer. I guess if it does go green indoors, it definitely will in a hot greenhouse, as mine has.

To test the units - or to add more water manually on a hot day, you press "set" and then "test" and you will see the result. This is a good way to experiment with how much water you want to send out on each activation (set and water) and how often you want the units to activate (set and time) and there is a plus and minus button to get you to those figures.

My experiments led me to 70ml every 2 hours, and this goes on 24hrs a day. Tomatoes hate irregular watering and this is about as regular as you can get.

Video Below.