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Insider details of all of the stop-motion videos on this incredible YouTube site. The oldest are at the top and work down to the newer vids.

Main site at Youtube.

Most of these TMNT shorts were filmed in a holiday rental in Cornwall. The unit had a mezzanine floor with a desk, roof lights and an sat-down view over the beach and was the very ideal place to sit and do stop-motion. In some of the shorts you can see through the skylights and see the clouds going over, which adds authentication to the scene.

Two different openings to the TMNT movie episode 1 and thereafter. The first incorporates the 'shorts' viewed above, strung together, the second and chosen opening also does that but adds dynamic pieces of imagery and sound.

A pilot, episode 1 and episode 2 each with hundreds of views, the pilot being almost as popular as the episodes.

Episode 1 is a longer four and a half minutes and is engrossing from start to finish, making you yearn for episode 2.