Stephenson Holt Author

Decadent Deception.

Fascinated by the female point of view, wonderfully portrayed in Savage Beginnings, I read this novel straight after and was not disappointed. Male authors looking for a good read, where they will get an insight into the female brain, will have to brace themselves and learn about a female psychic’s brain. Female readers can sit back and marvel at the main protagonist’s ability to know her new lover, see what he feels and to know what will happen to her in the future if she yields to his obvious desires. (benefit or curse? You decide.)

No spoilers in this review as anything that is mentioned happens in the first chapter or so. Lisa is running from her job as a criminal psychic and settles in a small town where she deals with dog psychology. Blake is in the same town, has problems with his dog Greg and asks Lisa to take a look at him. Lisa is reluctant because she’s already seen a future where her and Blake have hot sex, knows it’s inevitable and can’t decide whether to go down that route or not.

They both eventually know about each other, Blake as a typical bloke would usually run a mile from ay woman that can see his future or read his mind but can’t. The reason he can’t is because he needs Lisa to follow up on things that have happened in the past. As these are revealed to Lisa and to the reader, the story becomes more and more complicated, involved and desperate.


A thoroughly good page turner / kindle swiper of a novel and I dare say I will read more of Dakota Skye in the future, enjoying her style.

Decadent Deception.