Stephenson Holt Author

You Know What You Did.

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My suggestion would be to read this novel before a publisher gets hold of it and the price increases. My reading updates show I went from sixty-six percent to the end without putting it down, unable to put it down.

Amanda Roberts is a successful author, published by a large publishing house and backed up by a team who organise her signings, events, talks etc. Another author, unknown to us, self-published, is angry with Amanda and throughout the story we always wonder why. We don't know who the antagonist is, we may have our suspicions but each character seems to have an alibi at each stage of the nastiness perpetrated on Amanda
As I read, I have characters in my head and these two, for me, are the two wives from The Good Life. (Late 70s sitcom, still available).
Lyndhurst doesn't have to describe Amanda to us, her speech, mannerisms, the way she is drawn by the author, point to a Margo Leadbetter type of character; rich enough to not have to work, dependent on a hard working husband and treating authorship as a successful hobby that sees her bathing in the glory of her many fans. (I don't see her hair as moving once placed where it should be).
I see the antagonist as a Barbara Wood looking character, Tom's wife in the same seventies sitcom, baby faced enough to get away as not standing out on revisiting her old Uni. Was she once a friend of Amanda? We don't know.

A sitcom this is not though. Psychological drama, physical drama, more than one plot, twists and turns, this novel has it all.

All will enjoy the psychological drama contained within this novel, all authors, published and self-published should read it. Another excellent Lyndhurst novel (the best I've read this year and entering my top ten reads, ever) and hopefully she will continue down the psychological drama route, this path of keeping her fans guessing. More like this please. Five stars.