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October Poems by Laura Lyndhurst.

Reading the introduction, my interest peaked to the point where I just had to read just the first poem. Reading that first poem, before supposedly going back to the novel I was only half way through, left me with questions that had to be answered, a feeling that I wanted to know more and, ah well, the novel would still be there when I finished this book of poems.

…tides, typhoons and turbulent waters brought me to a stranger shore; to wash up here, beached, alone…

This section from ‘Beached’ can maybe be related to by many, possibly has been experienced by some who set a course in life and found themselves on a different path than first envisaged. It struck a chord with me and set me on a voyage through the rest of the book.


A favourite? Maybe ‘Triptych’ a poem about three objects (no spoilers) their various relationships to each other and why. Possibly ‘Destination Destiny’ a play on words on a street sign.


Humour is far from absent. ‘The Next Generation’ a most serious poem that could have catastrophic consequences, shocked and surprised me with a humorous “that's all right then” ending shouted by a frustrated female fed up with a man’s brain power, or lack of it.


If I had to pick just one favourite, it would be ‘The Show Must Go On.’ A serious poem that sums up the feeling of loss I had as musical heroes met their demise but others survived. A feeling of greatness then meaning a greater fall and a gladness that I am mediocre and immune from the rigours of fame. Yes, my favourite.


So. Having completed the book, where do I go for more? A writer of such poetic mastery must surely have a novel and yes, as I search, a trilogy and ‘Fairytales Don’t Come True’ hits my to be read pile. But first, where was that novel I was half way through before Laura Lyndhurst captured me with her poetry.

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