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Degenerate, Regenerate.

Book two in the Criminal Confessions series sees us transferred to a small, poor, Greek island. I said, in my review of book one, Fairytales Don’t Come True, that I came to Lyndhursts’s writing through her poetry, recognised a writing style and started on her novels. This second helping does not disappoint.

Lyndhurst has a skill of making you feel you are in the scene, a silent observer, sitting in the corner, watching and listening. No long, drawn-out descriptions of place here, instead she allows you, through the actions and thoughts of the characters to feel the place, the dust, the heat, the dilapidation.


Anyone who loves Greece and has holidayed there will love this book. Anyone who hasn’t yet experienced Greek life and reads this book, will want to book their next holiday there. Lyndhurst has an affinity with the place and the people and shares that knowledge with us. Seventeen years ago we (wife and I) visited Alonissos, getting there via a flight to Skiathos then ferry, calling at Skopelos on the way. The island Lyndhurst conjures, reminded me of that island where we were the only English speakers for two weeks. (It’s blossomed with tourism since and we have learned by experience that return spoils memories.)


So with my head on Alonissos, a good book in front of me, I followed the story. A down on his luck policeman is transferred to the island, meets a hermit living in squalor and listens, day by day, to snippets of his story, culminating into the Criminal Confession of the title series. A fantastic read making me download book three immediately.

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