Stephenson Holt Author

All That We Are Heir To.

I gave this novel, the third in the Criminal Confession series, five stars because it kept me entertained from start to finish, surprised me at every twist and turn and was so wonderfully written that it had me living in the setting, or wishing I was. It was, in short, all you can ask for from a novel.

When I was younger, I fell in love with the writings of Emile Zola, especially his Les Rougon-Macquart, admittedly twenty novels but following a family and how the sins of the father are inherited by their siblings (to misquote). The three books of Lyndhurst’s series are just that, family sagas, intricately woven together and leaving the reader wondering what could possibly happen next.

Book three, this novel, is partly set on the Greek island of book two and again, Lyndhurst paints the picture of the place without the long, drawn out descriptions that would be so easy to add. I wished I’d taken these three books on a holiday to a Greek island and read them there but my back garden, in the sun, with an ouzo and water, had to do. Katie, daughter of ?? no spoilers here, is young to start and we watch her mature into a strong willed young woman with questions, some answers, too many answers that lead to a need for more answers. We journey with her, through good and bad and hope she comes out alright at the end. It is not guaranteed.

Luckily, at the end…there is a list of the author’s other works and I have to choose between poetry and prose for my next Lyndhurst experience.

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