Stephenson Holt Author

Billie Jade Kemack.

Having read this author's trilogy, I started following her hoping for more. Her writing style is incredible and places the reader in the room, along with Veronica's (Roni's) moods and her thoughts, of which there are many.

Although a strong, sassy woman, Veronica has put up with a lot in life and this makes her hold back some emotions that should maybe come out fighting, but held back emotions see her suffer even more.

I think female readers will be able to relate to a lot of what happens to Veronica, but this reader is male, and will admit openly to both laughing out loud, and crying quietly. There were places where I expected things to happen and they didn't, and places where I was completely taken off guard at the twists in the tale. I didn't want to reach the end of this 5* novel.

The only saving grace I have now is that the subtitle is A Twisted Fate Series, book 1. Roll on book 2 is all I have to say. 

Read this novel twice, unusual for me.

Yes, read it twice. The first time of reading, this incredible author took me on a ride that had so many twists and turns to the novel that I read it again, looking for clues that I may have missed, and there were lots.

Olivia has been thrown into a life where she is abandoned by all but her friends, and seeks both love and sexual gratification. The gratification comes first, then love from another, but things go wrong, and then wrong again, and when you think they can't get any worse, they do.

Not my first novel by this author (actually the fifth) and it won't be the last. If you want a steamy novel of intrigue and deep love, where the main character (and her friends) are open about their love lives, then this is the novel for you. Can't wait for the next in the series. 

For many, December is a month of planning, lists, purchase of presents, and thinking about the preparation of a Christmas family meal. 

There has to be a break in amongst all that headwork though. 

This book, a novella, His Christmas Bunny, could well provide that break, probably read in bed with a glass of something in the other hand. 

Follow the story of Logan, and his sister's friend Mia, as they work out their feelings for each other during the run up to Christmas. Keep the novella though, as it will probably be needed in future years. 

Those that enjoy Kermack's writing style, her wit and bedroom passion, will enjoy two other full length novels by her - Veronica and the excellent Olivia, both available on KU.