Stephenson Holt Author

How refreshing to find a romantic novel where the protagonist is not a youngster working out her emotions for the first time. Cathy has retired, is in her early sixties, and retires to a community of age-like people.
She expects nothing but experiences everything.
What kept me going was the fact that all the characters are so well drawn, have rounded characters, and they develop through the novel.
I'm not sure whether a follow up would work, which is a pity, because if there was one, I would be among the first to make a grab for it.

When I read the road trip that was My Zestful Years, I didn't think there could be a sequel. How wrong I was. Life back at The Acres is full for Cathy and Lando, as their initial young-love blossoms into maturity. All is not sweetness and light though as the characters develop and trouble heads their way.

Fervid Frenzy.

by D. S. Kinahan

If you thought that Cathy, in book one, was hot, and like me you expected things to calm down in book two, wait until you get to book three, Fervid Frenzy.
Cathy has taken stock of her past, decided it was a good past, mostly, and decides to enjoy her future.